In agencies, ‘hundreds’ show ‘little support’ for impeachment – 12/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the headline of the Agence France Presse, “Hundreds protest against Bolsonaro after week of tension”. In vehicles from various countries and languages, “Hundreds”, “Scientists”.

The dispatch text started a little more animated, “Several hundred.” He then described that “the organizers expected large crowds, but without the support of groups like the Workers’ Party, they were fewer” than imagined.

The Associated Press agency opted for the statement “Protests in Brazil show low street support for pressure for impeachment”, reporting that “there was a notable absence of left-wing political parties”.

He underlined that some lawmakers had told the AP that “attendance at the demonstrations would be decisive in determining whether they would press for impeachment.”

The Spanish El País, a rare newspaper abroad with its own report on this Sunday’s demonstrations, chose the so-called “Brazil that doesn’t want Bolsonaro nor Lula, gets timid support in the streets.”


German newspapers on Sunday followed the debate that would serve as a “inflection point or end” for the election two weeks from now.

Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, now leader, was attacked non-stop by conservative Armin Laschet, headlined by Bild, FAZ and others. But research by the ARD network after the show found Scholz “the most convincing,” 41 percent to 27 percent.

Earlier on Sunday, the same Bild released the newest poll, showing the Social Democrats at 26 percent and on the rise.

The Union, of Laschet and of the current chancellor, Angela Merkel, has 20% and a tendency to fall further. Greens continue to fall, with 15%, already close to being surpassed by the liberal FDP, with 13%.


In the wake of Germany’s centre-left renaissance, Le Monde and Liberation made headlines on Sunday that the mayor of Paris, socialist Anne Hidalgo, ran for president in the April elections.

Less prominently featured in the coverage, Marine Le Pen, from the far right, confirmed his third candidacy.


Describing Emma Raducanu as “half Chinese” or just Chinese, with the photo above, the PC-linked Global Times/Huanqiu highlighted that the country’s “netizens” applaud the winning tennis player at the US Open.

She pointed out that the young British woman with a Chinese mother usually visits Shenyang, in northeast China, origin of her family, and that she speaks Mandarin, as she showed in an interview on the Open account on the Sina Weibo platform — in which she herself already has a profile.

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