France must work towards stepping up and reconnecting with the new African generations

The highly anticipated 150-page report delivered Tuesday to President Emmanuel Macron by Cameroonian intellectual Achille Mbembe makes thirteen proposals for the “refoundation” of relations between France and the continent, an old antiphon since African independence. These range from the creation of a fund intended to support initiatives to promote democracy to programs allowing greater student mobility, including the establishment of a “Euro-African forum on migration” .

Charged by the French president with preparing the Africa France summit which is being held in Montpellier on Friday without African heads of state, Achille Mbembe, a major thinker of postcolonialism, launched more than 60 “dialogues” between March and July in twelve African countries. , on themes such as health, climate, colonialism, equality, democracy… A panel of twelve of these young people was selected to dialogue with Mr. Macron on Friday.

The Mbembe report, which summarizes the themes and concerns discussed, looks in particular at how to “settle disputes”. He stresses in this regard that “the recognition of the perversion of colonialism, of its nature, literally, as a crime against humanity, is important”. He also believes that, “to a large extent, France is isolated from new movements and political and cultural experiments” carried by African youth and “has forgotten to connect with these currents of the future”.

“To ensure this reconnection, it is imperative to rebuild the French diplomatic tool in Africa and clean up the parallel networks,” writes Mbembe. Hundreds of young entrepreneurs, artists, activists, athletes, from Africa and the diaspora in France, will participate in the Montpellier summit on Friday, to which no African head of state has been invited, a first since 1973.

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