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Uninsured Rate Rises In 2017

March 8, 2018 Michael Covin 0

By Michael Covin During much of President Barack Obama’s two terms in office, one of the most common goals of the Republican Party in Congress and beyond was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care […]

U.S. Politics

Rain On the Parade

February 7, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman On Tuesday, it was reported that at a Department of Defense meeting last month, President Donald Trump wanted a military parade in the nation’s capital, having been inspired by one when he […]

U.S. Politics

Equality in Equality Legislation

January 26, 2018 Megan Lehman 0

By Megan Lehman Iceland changed the course of history in its country by creating a law that outlawed paying women less than men.  The United States has yet to make such proclamation. However, the Equal […]

The National Discourse

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old

November 15, 2017 Matthew Hines 0

By Matthew Hines On Monday, President Donald Trump announced Alex Azar, a former deputy HHS secretary and pharmaceutical executive, to be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. The president posted on Twitter, “He will be […]