U.S. Politics

A New Paradigm for Government

January 25, 2018 Chris Coughlin 0

By Chris Coughlin After voting to end an entirely avoidable government shutdown, Senators were photographed yesterday toasting their success. This is the congressional equivalent of participation trophies; unseemly and undeserved, far removed from what should […]

The National Discourse

In Defense of Congress

December 7, 2017 Shep Gerszberg 0

By Shep Gerszberg The United States Congress is one of the most heavily criticized bodies in the world. Attacked for its partisanship, its stagnation, its procrastination, its lack of action, and its corruption, calls for […]

The National Discourse

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old

November 15, 2017 Matthew Hines 0

By Matthew Hines On Monday, President Donald Trump announced Alex Azar, a former deputy HHS secretary and pharmaceutical executive, to be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. The president posted on Twitter, “He will be […]


Remember Trump and Sweden?

November 10, 2017 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman At a rally last February, President Donald Trump may have slipped by saying “Look at what’s happening in Sweden.” Ironically, it turns out that Trump forecasted last month’s deadly attacks in the […]