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A Classy Move

April 24, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

On Monday evening, Capitol Hill experienced a rare moment of bipartisanship as Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) voted “present” in place of fellow Foreign Relations Committee member Johnny Isakson (R-GA), who was in Georgia to attend the funeral of a close friend. […]

U.S. Politics

Did Trump Wag the Dog on Syria?

April 18, 2018 Jacob Grandstaff 0

Several media commentators have wondered whether Trump’s missile strikes in Syria serve to distract from the negative press that the Russia investigation has triggered. This has prompted many on the left to draw the same movie analogy that many on the right drew two decades ago when many saw Clinton’s strikes on Sudan and Iraq as an attempt to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. […]

U.S. Politics

Paul Ryan: The Speaker We Need But Don’t Deserve

April 16, 2018 Adam Kimelman 0

Last Wednesday Speaker Ryan announced he would retire at the end of this year, and the Democratic Party has spent the past few days rejoicing. Many Democratic Representatives have gleefully posted on Twitter, predicting the end of the Republican Party, and using the occasion to try to bolster the DNC’s weak fundraising totals. […]