Banks and Credit Unions: The Big Debate

April 9, 2018 Megan Lehman 0

By Megan Lehman Banks and credit unions populate the financial scenery. The difference between the products that the two offer can be nearly unrecognizable. Here in Iowa, however, there is a spotlight shining directly on […]


Spotify in the Wall Street Spotlight

April 3, 2018 Isaac Simon 0

By Isaac Simon Spotify, the world’s number one music streaming service founded over a decade ago, went public on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The news is the company’s most recent step in […]


Newsweek’s Downfall

February 6, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman On Monday, Newsweek fired its top editorial staff and some reporters, in addition to sending home its entire staff for the day. Why did this happen and what does it mean for its competitors? […]


Super Bowl Preview

February 4, 2018 Harrison Furman 0

By Harrison Furman Sunday’s Super Bowl is in Minnesota featuring the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. This game is particularly notable because it will be the first time Minnesota will be hosting a […]


What is Business

January 24, 2018 Harrison Furman 0

By Harrison Furman Business!! What is Business? Business is an organization or group of people who own the entity to sell goods or services for money. This definition is simple, but it is really more […]


Dow Jones Reaches All-Time High

January 16, 2018 Harrison Furman 0

By Harrison Furman The Dow Jones last Friday hit an all-time of 25,803 points. The exchange consists of 30 industrially diversified stocks. The 30 Stocks that are part of the Dow Jones are below. Stock values […]


The Rise of Craft Beer

January 11, 2018 Harrison Furman 0

By Harrison Furman The craft beer industry has reinvented itself over the last few years. Before we go in-depth about the industry, we should understand what is considered a craft beer. It is beer which […]