EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Endorses Youngest Congressional Candidate

By Jackson Richman

Less than a month after Republican Morgan Murtaugh announced her campaign to upset an eight-term incumbent in California’s 53rd congressional district, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced his endorsement for the youngest candidate for Congress.

“As a Congressman, I’ve seen firsthand how so many in Washington no longer represent their constituents. In a crowded field of candidates for CA-53, Morgan Murtaugh stands out in a big way,” Gaetz said. “She is competent, dynamic, and has the energy and leadership qualities needed to bring positive change to California’s 53rd District. Murtaugh is a native San Diegan, and she will be a champion for the people.”

Murtaugh, 25, is vying to represent the heavily Democratic San Diego county district currently represented by Democratic Rep. Susan Davis.

“Morgan is a rising star in Republican circles because of her refreshing, no-nonsense leadership style that will work to reform Washington and serve her constituents,” Gaetz said. “I believe she is the clear choice for Congress, and I’m proud to wholeheartedly endorse her.”

Murtaugh replied to the endorsement, “I’m honored to receive the trust and support of such a credible name in Republican politics. We can solve California’s problems, but it’s going to take someone with the tenacity and energy to push for real reforms on behalf of the people of California’s 53rd District.”

“I’m running to be exactly that kind of leader in Congress,” she added.

Murtaugh, who worked on former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s campaign and voted for Libertarian nominee and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson in the 2016 general election, is running on a conservative platform, including ending sanctuary policies like in her home state.

“It’s a slap in the face for California to have become a sanctuary state, for all the people who did immigrate here the right way and did respect our laws,” Murtaugh told the Washington Examiner. “My grandparents waited in line, they did do all the paperwork and paid all the fines. They truly wanted to be Americans.”

Murtaugh also told the Examiner she is pleasantly surprised by President Donald Trump’s

A George Washington University graduate, Murtaugh currently works as an anchor and commentator at the San Diego-based One America News Network. After growing up and graduating from high school in San Diego, she attended Grossmont College in El Cajon, and then worked for the Naval Air Forces as an Assistant Protocol Officer. She worked in San Diego County politics, first for State Rep. Brian Bilbray, and later for La Mesa mayor Art Madrid.

Murtaugh is running against five other candidates in the primary, which is scheduled for June 5.

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