At Evergreen, Campus Fascism Continues Its March

By Matthew Teitelbaum

At Evergreen State College in Washington, the dangerous authoritarian streak of college-aged, left-wing extremists is being exposed in disturbing detail. In recent weeks, social justice activists demanded that white students refrain from attending class or being present on campus on a predetermined day, in order to appropriately, from their perspective, observe the traditional “Day of Absence.” When Evolutionary Biology Professor Bret Weinstein disseminated an email objecting to this event, in part, saying that to force every white member of campus to leave would be “an act of oppression in and of itself,” it did not take long for the campus mob to assemble their rank and vile.

For his objection to “A Day Without White People,” Weinstein was speciously accused of being a racist. A group of students systematically hunted for white professors and proceeded to berate them for their presence during the event. Footage of these confrontations are available online, bringing the incident to public attention and landing Weinstein in a media firestorm.

According to Weinstein, the college administration has done little to protect him and give him a platform to defend himself from utterly unfounded allegations of racism and calls for his ouster from the classroom. Police barely intervened when students organized into angry mobs and screamed insults and vulgarities at administrators, completely disregarding the notion that faculty and administration have any authority over students, who can apparently openly disrespect them with impunity.

The irony in all of this is that Weinstein himself is a liberal, having supported Bernie Sanders for president. There is no evidence that he is a racist and he has done nothing to these students but object to their authoritarian mentality and attempt to have an open dialogue. So why are these left-wing extremists attacking one of their own liberal comrades? The answer is simple: they are not liberals. They are illiberal, left-wing fascists.

These so called “activists” are not interested in dialogue — one of them said exactly that in a video of their confrontation. They are only interested in their political agenda being enacted at all costs, without any negotiation with dissenters. To me, that mentality is inherently illiberal and undemocratic. It is close enough to fascism to warrant use of the label “fascist” at this point.

We need a more functional word for these individuals. Up until now, they are usually ironically referred to as “social justice warriors” (SJW). That term intends to emphasize their self-serving thirst to signal personal virtue via “activism” in support of marginalized groups.

Again, I know that left-wing fascism is somewhat of an oxymoron. I’m trying to make a broader point about what we call the social justice mob when it arises and why we call them that. As a label, “social justice warrior” just doesn’t cut it. It has too much of a positive connotation and can be embraced all too easily as the cool, rebellious thing to be.

The majority of Americans who utterly reject the ridiculous behavior of this growing group must not let the extremists control the narrative by characterizing their behavior as being politically rebellious or “on the right side of history.” Instead, this behavior must be portrayed as it truly is, as a shameful and pedestrian surrender to authoritarian political doctrine and mob mentality.

Considering this, “fascist” works fairly well as a label for members of the social justice mob. It drives home their authoritarian, ideologically-possessed mindset and tactics which can only be described as systematic brainwashing followed by witch hunts for any who would even think to diverge from the social justice orthodoxy.

And for those who think I’m going a step too far and overreacting, watch the videos from Evergreen State, as well as the endless additional footage of ‘social justice warrior’ mobs and “protests” of college speakers available on YouTube. See the actions of these people and how no one steps up to correct them.

Watch as they hospitalize a female professor at Middlebury College and receive minimal consequences. Watch as they set University of California, Berkeley ablaze because of the presence of a dissenting political voice known for his in-your-face and intentionally offensive content.  

Now, you can watch as they physically and verbally intimidate faculty and students at their own institution, terrorizing them for the heinous crime of being present while white.

Additionally, I implore you to imagine what the university and police response would have been if conservative students had made similar demands in a similar manner. In this case, the students would have been ordered to disperse. They would have been disciplined or even arrested for not complying with school policy. This double standard starkly displays the danger of a far-left ideological mob that is exempt from otherwise enforced social and legal consequences.

To be frank, if this ordeal does not boil your blood and make you want to fight the regressive left and campus extremism, then you are either ideologically possessed or intellectually blind. For the rest of us, there is clearly fight on our hands for the heart of Western civilization which calls on all of us to speak up.

These fascists must be disempowered via the very right they fear most, freedom of speech, which manifests itself in open dialogue leading to the exposure of their ideas as inferior to the core values that make Western civilization the pinnacle of humanity.

Additionally, college administrators and police must hold students accountable for their actions, as they would with any other group. They must not do what Evergreen College administrators have done and be intimidated by a small, but extremely vocal, group of students who have terrorized their own campus community in an ideological conquest — not for truth, but for confirmation of a dogmatic narrative.

As is the case with Professor Weinstein, I am by no means a conservative. In fact, I am the former president of the College Democrats of Maryland. However, it should not take a conservative to point out that this tidal wave of insanity is extremely dangerous, and unrepresentative of the true nature of what liberalism is supposed to be — something we ought to be fighting for. If you do not stand up and call out these illiberal fascists for what they are, you are complicit in their growing influence and impunity. We must wake up, we must stand up, and we must act.


  1. This is a smaller symptom of a bigger problem in western Washington. Seattle is a one party ruled enclave where office holders compete on who is the most liberal or “open minded” of their other Democratic opponents. It has gotten to the point where a local paper asked the question “Is It Taboo for Seattle Voters to Have Republican Friends?” This is bad for democracy when you do not have a respect for – or competition between -various ideas and opponents. This forces you to reassess why you believe what you do and inculcates accountability of sorts.

  2. Fascism, according to Mussolini, was the perfect marriage of corporations and the state; it generally is associated with nationalism. Violence is native to Marxist based movements much more than with the right. These college movements and the professors who teach these students are disciples of “critical theory”, a solipsism developed in the 1920s by Marxist intellectuals who wanted to expand Marxist techniques of analyzing economics and history to psychology, sociology, literature and other fields. When has the left won without violence, either to gain power or keep it? Egalitarianism can only be enforced through violence. Every act of social justice is by nature composed of many individual injustices. Call it what it is, typical vanguard of the prolitariat communist violence, with no need for fascist references. Let’s not let them define the terms.

    • I don’t think that’s quite accurate either. Where’s the class-consciousness in the Evergreen actions? That’s what I mean in my other comment about how there doesn’t seem to be a strong ideological core to left-wing groups that try to work solely under the framework of race or gender. They’d be a more credible threat if they were *more* Marxist, frankly.
      P.S. when has the right won without violence, either to gain power or to keep it? Also you’re dipping quite a bit into the “actually equality is inequality, justice is injustice” weird nonsensical platitudes. Should I be expecting a “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” to soon follow?

  3. Well-written piece, but a bit hysterical in my view. For starters, the use of “fascism” to describe scattered, disjointed student actions on multiple campuses strikes me as more than a little disingenuous, especially when you even admit in the article that it’s kind of oxymoronic. I don’t contest that it’s a repeating phenomenon, but I do contest that it’s some kind of “rising tide” threatening to swallow our “democracy”. These actions would need more of a center to them–either central figures or ideology–to actually branch out and take on a real political life, and so far I haven’t really seen that. “Riots” might be a better descriptor, and even then they’re pretty restrained for riots. I’d characterize these more as just another manifestation of the incredibly unhealthy, frustrating political and economic climate we’ve got going on right now. Following from this, I also don’t think a more repressive police response in the face of mere yelling and disrespect will provide a sustainable solution. “Free speech” might help insofar as that entails having people from different backgrounds talk to each other and form communities together, but you left that point pretty vague so I have no idea if you meant anything like that.

    tl;dr I like your writing style but I think your analysis is kind of shallow, your appraisal of the existential threat posed by these students is overblown, and your suggested solutions are quite weak presumably as a result of the above.

    P.S. I don’t think anyone in the left thinks of the term SJW as anything more than a bad joke at this point. It’s been run into the ground the same way “hipster” was three years ago by being misapplied to a ludicrously wide range of people. So feel free to use it I guess?