The Middle East

The Dogs of War Howl

February 12, 2018 Matthew Hines 0

By Matthew Hines The last 48 hours have unfolded an extraordinary series of events which may culminate in a war no one wants to see, and a war many statesmen have given precious time and […]

U.S. Politics

Legislation and Standing Together

February 9, 2018 Megan Lehman 0

By Megan Lehman The recent onslaught of sexual harassment claims against politicians and those in the public spotlight has created unity across the aisle. It is not a secret that our two political parties do […]


Poland Whitewashes the Holocaust

February 9, 2018 Jackson Richman 1

By Jackson Richman Earlier this week, Polish president Andrzej Duda signed a bill into law that bans people from accusing the country of its role in the Holocaust, such as referring to concentration camps, like Auschwitz, which my grandmother […]

U.S. Politics

DC Jewish Groups Invite Radicals

February 8, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman On Friday and Sunday, two separate Jewish groups will be hosting an event in Washington, DC, each containing connections to radical groups. The Friday event features a Jewish Sabbath dinner with Sheikh […]

U.S. Politics

Redefining ‘America First’

February 7, 2018 Brandon Brooks 0

By Brandon Brooks One month before clinching the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Center for the National Interest promising to institute a radical departure from conventional U.S. foreign policy. […]

U.S. Politics

Rain On the Parade

February 7, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman On Tuesday, it was reported that at a Department of Defense meeting last month, President Donald Trump wanted a military parade in the nation’s capital, having been inspired by one when he […]

U.S. Politics

Gerrymandering In Pennsylvania

February 6, 2018 Nicholas Sones 0

By Nicholas Sones Gerrymandering is wrong, but it is politics. Politics is about winning. Recently in Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court, controlled by Democrats, ruled the congressional maps to be redrawn, and, on Monday, the […]


Newsweek’s Downfall

February 6, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman On Monday, Newsweek fired its top editorial staff and some reporters, in addition to sending home its entire staff for the day. Why did this happen and what does it mean for its competitors? […]

Free Speech

Who’s Afraid of Free Speech?

February 6, 2018 Eno Agolli 0

By Eno Agolli Few topics, if any, in contemporary American politics, especially the university campus variety, are as ever-green as that of free expression and speech. The latest incident that attracted some media buzz was […]