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American Students Slaughtered…AGAIN!

February 16, 2018 Peter Waldheim 0

By Peter Waldheim The flags all flew at half-mast…AGAIN! Faculty sacrificed their lives so that students could live…AGAIN! Fourteen students (in addition to three teachers) annihilated. Many so young that obtaining a driver’s license was […]

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It’s Mourning Again in America

February 15, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman It’s mourning again in America. Seventeen people dead at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It is the deadliest school shooting since 26 students were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut […]

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The Case for Food Stamps

February 14, 2018 Matthew Hines 0

By Matthew Hines Every hour of the Trump administration, it seems that traditional conservative – and traditional Republican – values, are assaulted by those who profess to be conservatives and Republicans. From immigration to reckless […]

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Enough About the ‘Deep State’

February 14, 2018 Jackson Richman 0

By Jackson Richman Throughout the Trump presidency, there is a notion of a “deep state,” undermining his agenda. While there may be internal bureaucratic resistance every now and then, this label is a broad brush […]

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A New Era for the US-Israel Relationship?

February 13, 2018 Jennifer Dekel 0

By Jennifer Dekel Since the historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by President Trump on December 6, 2017, and the president’s pledge to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, many have suggested that the […]

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A Snap Decision Over SNAP

February 13, 2018 Nicholas Sones 0

By Nicholas Sones One of the more interesting ideas in the Trump administration’s budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year is to reform the Supplemental Nutrient Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps. They are […]