Spotify in the Wall Street Spotlight

April 3, 2018 Isaac Simon 0

By Isaac Simon Spotify, the world’s number one music streaming service founded over a decade ago, went public on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The news is the company’s most recent step in […]


The Promise of Putingrad

March 26, 2018 Isaac Simon 0

Putin has undoubtedly been Russia’s strongest individual since the dawn of the millennia. Yet his intentions of reshaping Russia as part of a new world older bears striking comparison to that of the Soviet Union. […]

The Middle East

Countering the Anti-Embassy Move Crowd

December 14, 2017 Isaac Simon 0

For many, myself included, the decision is a long time coming, and is one that will benefit U.S-Israel relations going forward. Critics of the move have called the decision inflammatory and shortsighted. […]

The Middle East

Israel’s Next Big Fight

November 21, 2017 Isaac Simon 0

By Isaac Simon It has been roughly three and a half years since the last war between Israel and Gaza. That war, predicated not only upon conflicting ideologies, but the innocent slaughter of three Israeli […]

U.S. Politics

Donald Trump and the Policy of America Last

June 23, 2017 Isaac Simon 0

Perhaps it goes without saying, but a country’s agreement to the Paris Accords implies that it not only believes in anthropogenic climate change, but are also willing to stop its progression. That is not the view of the current administration. […]