Eric Schneiderman: Next Man to Fall to the #MeToo Movement?

Photo Credit: citizenactionny / Flickr

By Debra Opri

The news is not good for men everywhere. The message is be careful whether you’re in public life or in private business, what you do can hurt your life.

The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman learned the hard way – as have all a number of others in the news over many, many months – woman today have untapped power and are flexing their muscles accordingly–big time.

When what happens behind closed doors in private relationships finds their way into the public spotlight, the reality is “nothing is sacred.”

And should it be? I say no. If a man is going to physically and emotionally abuse the person they have an intimate relationship with, there is nothing, but nothing, sacred in that.

And so we ask ourselves: If men in power abuse it, should they remain in power? And if they should not, how do we protect ourselves against another who may take their place?

We are certainly living in interesting times. Suddenly, there is now a consideration of a “preemptive” act of just replacing these positions with women themselves. I mean, why not? Why not find the best woman out there for Attorney General of New York? Why not make this a response to any position where a man is removed for abusing his power?

Aren’t we seeing that in the media? Who replaced Matt Lauer? What happened to the Bill OReilly and Charlie Rose types of the world? Aren’t we seeing more women on television now in those hard-to-get time slots?  Why not apply the practice to public office and to the political arena?

It’s happening people. And women are all the more better for it. Who knows, maybe in corporate America, we will finally get a majority of women up there at the top of the ladder soon. It’s coming.

And all of us know it.  Because the #MeToo Movement is strengthening every day. It’s just a matter of time.”

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