Kanye West Appealing to Individualism and Conservatism

Kanye West performing at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, on Thursday, November 21, 2013. (Credit: Peter Hutchins / Flickr)

By Gabriel Pietrorazio

It seems that the Internet is all too shocked about Kanye West’s Twitter actions for actively liking the thoughts of Candace Owens, tweeting a photo of him wearing his MAGA hat, and posting a video of himself watching Jordan Peterson.

Although it is not entirely safe to say that West has “red-pilled” his way to the “good life” of a conservative even amidst his career as a celebrity icon, he has embraced his stance as a free-thinker and more importantly, as an individual. This unforeseeable series of tweets has materialized into actual meetings between conservative strategists and political debates through rap schemes.

The demonizing reactions from leftists who even have referred to West as a member of the alt-right serve to the detriment and further degradation of the Democratic Party and leftist regime which extremely enforces their world-view of identity politics by alienating individuals in exchange for group-think and collectivist tendencies.

West is a man of many words. Even though we are not always able to interpret the inner meaning of his works, West has always advanced his philosophy through lyrical stanzas and rhythmic melodies that appeal to a contemporary era of pop-culture. Simply put, when you are listening to West, his style is ever-changing and accurately characterized as a mixed bag because you truly never know what you are going to get with each one of his albums.​

Most recently, however, leftists are turning their backs on the rapping-superstar once he has explicitly expressed his thoughts through Twitter. This backlash from leftists is to such an extent that they are exposing his mental illness by referring to him as “crazy” when he contradicts their inter-sectional victimology beliefs by being a Black man who wants to be a free body and mind, even though he’s immensely successful.

His inspirational words have even caused Chance the Rapper to tune-in about the pitfalls of identity politics. Earlier last week, Chance the Rapper tweeted “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”

However, it was only a few days ago when Chance retracted a portion of his initial statement by asserting that although not all Blacks have to be Democrats, during an era of Trump, this stance is simply intolerable in the public discourse. This is because his Black identity is at conflict with this presidency. Support for Trump contradicts everything Chance stands for.

Other celebrities have also confronted West including John Legend by questioning how his legacy will change. West tweeted a screenshot of his text message from Legend and responds, “You bringing up my fans or my legacy is a tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought.”

Regardless of these unrelenting attacks, West’s inherently-controversial character can materialize through the Twitter platform by sending his faithful followers cryptic tweets consisting of phrases, proverbs, and even his own self-proposed prophecies.

In less than two weeks, West is set to release his newest album. Just recently, West provided a sample for one of his songs, titled “Ye v. The People.” During this brief sample, a politically-driven rap battle consists of the dialogue between Kanye West and T.I. regarding the mantra of MAGA, Donald Trump, racism, and even slavery. This contemporary cultural critique is a shocking wake-up call from West and offers optimism for engaging new discourses on these issues through broadening his audience base, even through musical approaches.

The controversy continues when West was at an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin last Tuesday. West describes Obama as the opioids of the Black community by stating, “Obama was our opioids. It made us feel like everything was good.”

Although West isn’t a conservative thought-leader, he acts as an invaluable advocate for the freedoms and liberties that conservatives so passionately protect and preserve, especially the freedom of thought.

Truth be told, West just wants to be a free thinker as he tweeted, “We’re being starved and anyone who starts asking unpopular questions gets demonized. Only free thinkers can change the world.”

By no means do conservatives have to align with all of West’s social and political beliefs, but we must embrace his free-thinker spirit, something that has been simply lost throughout generations of lacking educational institutions which teach students what to learn, rather than how to learn.This sentiment of free-thinking is what shall continue to crack the fragile foundation of leftism politics.

Thus, as American citizens who admire the Constitution, it is our moral responsibility to allow for West to preach and attract more voices to speak out against these self-constructed “mental prisons” which he actively opposes alongside others who feel disenfranchised by leftist censorship and conformity.

If there was any doubt that Kanye West wasn’t a free-thinker, his onslaught of individualistic thought-provoking tweeting proves otherwise. In reality, Kanye West is fighting the world on traditional thinking!

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